No class Monday, 12/5

We had a change in our schedule for next week. Dr. Dolan’s lecture on Developmental Pathology will now be on Tuesday, December 6. I would normally just do my Skin Pathology lecture on Monday – but I need to be out of town that day. So we’re going to do the skin lecture as an independent study. You can watch last year’s lecture here (put it on 2x…I talk really slow!), and here are the lecture notes: part 1, non-neoplastic skin diseases (ppt, color pdf, and grayscale pdf) and part 2, neoplastic skin diseases (ppt, pdf color, and pdf grayscale). I apologize – this isn’t a great way to do it, but it’s the best solution we could come up with. I hope to be in class on Tuesday for Dr. Dolan’s lecture – so please catch me then (or email me at any time) if you have questions.

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