Exam 4 scores are up! And thank you.


Exam 4 scores are up and on Moodle – you guys did AMAZING – I’m so proud of you!! The mean was 52 (out of 63), or 84%. EVERYONE PASSED, and by a very generous margin.

With the changes in our schedule in the last two weeks – including one lecture that you guys had to watch online – this is great news. It shows how dedicated you are to working hard and doing your best, even in something that doesn’t directly impact your future practice as much as your other courses do. You are also a very kind, empathetic, and all-around stand-up group of people. I loved coming to class and seeing so many smiling faces. So many of you asked how I was doing and showed such genuine concern that it makes me tear up. You have lots of way more pressing stuff to deal with – but you took the time to smile, or say something positive, or send an email. I’m proud we get to send people like you out into the world to do good; it makes me happy to think of how much your patients will love you.

Thanks for a great semester! I’ll see you a few more times in oral pathology, so it’s not goodbye 🙂

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