Correction to one of Dr. Dolan’s slides

You guys are so smart! One of you caught an error in one of Dr. Dolan’s slides that neither one of us caught. It has to do with the use of the terms “physiologic” (normal body responses/mechanisms) and “pathologic” (disease-related mechanisms).

Here is the original slide:

Here is the question:

When we were talking about pathologic atrophy you briefly discussed postmenopausal endometrial and ovarian atrophy.  Since menopause is a natural part of life, how is this atrophy considered pathologic?

And here is Dr. Dolan’s response: 

Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention — sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes! You are entirely correct that the example I have listed should be under “physiologic” atrophy, not “pathologic.” I will make the change and ask Dr. Krafts to send it out to all of you.

Finally, here is the corrected slide:

Thank you, very smart student who shall not be named without express consent. Nice job 🙂


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