Exam 1 details

Just wanted to give you a little more info about our exam.

Here’s a breakdown of how many questions are on each lecture. I try for around 5 per lecture hour, but sometimes it’s a little more or a little less. Here’s how it worked out this year:

  • Cell injury – 10 questions
  • Inflammation – 9 questions
  • Tissue repair – 4 questions
  • Immunology overview – 8 questions
  • Immunologic tests – 4 questions
  • Hypersensitivity reactions – 3 questions
  • Immune diseases – 9 questions
  • Transfusion – 5 questions
  • Transplantation – 3 questions
  • Neoplasia – 16 questions

A couple ideas on sources for review:

  • For cell injury, I posted several resources back on September 5. I decided to whittle down the information even more, and coalesce it into a short document that you can download here. I’d suggest using this document to study. If you understand everything in it, you should be good.
  • You may want to download and work through the Exam 1 review ppt. Some of the slides have questions, and the answers are usually on the next slide. Make sure you look at the “notes” section because there are explanations there too.
  • Here’s the link to the Exam 1 review Kahoot we did in class. I plan to add some questions to it, and will let you know when I am done with it.

I think that’s it for now. Please feel free to email me with any questions you have as you study. I still have a few emails from some of you to answer – I apologize! I am getting to them 🙂

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