Choristoma definition, bigger Kahoot, and a few other things

Hi everyone – Just a quick note to let you know that I posted a few more questions in our Kahoot (we did 1-16 in class; questions 17-27 are new). Might be a nice little review as you wrap up your studying tonight.

Also, an old copy of the Neoplasia I lecture had a typo in slide 41.  The correct slide 41 looks like this:

The old (incorrect) slide said “angiosarcoma” instead of “choristoma.” I caught it and changed it before lecture, and we talked about it in class, but I think some of you had downloaded the old copy with the typo. So I just wanted to make sure everyone has the correct version of this slide, and knows what a choristoma is. “Choristoma” sounds like a tumor, but it isn’t; it’s just normal tissue that is found in a different place – like thyroid tissue in the thymus, for example.

Finally – I posted an update to the test question numbers. I had originally included Immunologic Tests in the Immunology Overview number. I corrected it online (there are 4 questions on Immunologic Tests) but just want to be sure everyone saw the corrected number.

I will be away from my desk until around 9 pm, but will check my email after that – so if you have last minute questions feel free to ask.

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