Studying for exam 2 and a couple other things

I wanted to share with you the exact question count for each part of the exam, in case it helps you structure your study time. It’s basically just the usual 5 questions per lecture hour:

  • Cardiovascular: 15
  • Respiratory: 10
  • Renal: 10
  • GI: 15

Remember that instead of exam questions on the Alcoholism and Addiction lecture, we have some online open-ended questions for you to answer – you’ll get 10 points for completing those. Please note that it takes me a while to read through them – so your points may not show up for a few days. I wish I could email each of you after reading your responses – but in the interest of getting through them quickly, I’ll only send you an email if you missed a major point.

Finally, I’m preparing a Kahoot for us to work through in class on Monday. But you may want to still look at the Exam 2 review powerpoint I posted for that day – there are a lot of questions for you to work through, and the answers are in the “notes” section below the slide. For most of the questions, I also included a couple relevant slides from our lectures just for reference.

I think that’s it! Please feel free to email me anytime with questions.

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