Exam 2 scores are posted! Also, SUD questions still open.

The scores from exam 2 came back and they are now uploaded in Moodle.  You guys did great as usual – the mean was 45/50 (90%). Maybe I need to make the exams harder. Nah, you just know your stuff! If you ever want to come take a look at your exams, just let me know and we can set up a time that works for you. You can always just stop by too (16-206) but with my weird schedule I may not be in the office.

NICE JOB everyone! Now go have a relaxing weekend – you deserve it.

Also: I am still reading through and entering your points for the Substance Use Disorder questions. I’m leaving them open for a while longer, so if you haven’t completed them, you can still go in and do so. After I catch up, I’ll bug those of you who haven’t completed them 🙂

Really awesome answers, by the way. I’m especially interested and impressed by your thoughts on what you would do in a clinic setting to increase awareness of SUD and help connect patients with SUD resources. I’m collecting the comments and will post a summary of them (anonymously) so you can see the cool ideas your classmates came up with.

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