Path Exam 4 Review Kahoot, part 1

Hi everyone –

I am SO sorry that I got the time wrong for our exam review yesterday. It sounds like maybe it allowed for some extra study time – but still. I apologize. Old habits die hard. 44 days (wow) starting at 10:10 is a hard habit to break.

So here is part one of what I had planned to do in class. This first Kahoot covers three of the systems covered on exam 4: CNS, Male Reproductive, and Female Reproductive. I am working on a second Kahoot that will cover the remaining topics that I taught you (Endocrine and Skin). I’ll post that here as soon as it’s finished.

For the material that I didn’t teach, remember that we have summary documents (one for Bone, Joint, and Muscle, and one for Developmental Pathology). I’d study for those topics by using the summary documents, and supplementing with the lecture ppts and/or Mediasite recordings to fill in areas you need help with. If you know the stuff on those summary documents, you will be well-prepared for the exam questions on that material.

Thanks for your continued patience and support! Although we didn’t get to do the Kahoot together, it was fun having milk and cookies and chatting about the course a bit. I learn so much from our conversations.

I know you’re busy with Perio tomorrow, and then next week you get slammed again…and our exam is the last one. But whenever you get to our material, please let me know if you have any questions on this Kahoot or the next one, or on anything else.


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