Exam 4 grades are up! And THANK YOU.

The scores for Exam 4 are up on Moodle! You guys did great, as usual: the mean was 56/63 (89%), and scores ranged from 29 – 63.

I just want to thank you, again, for being the BEST. You made coming to class not only possible but very enjoyable for me – and I can’t thank you enough or with the right words. You are really special, each and every one of you. Such kindness and compassion. We are VERY lucky to have you here at the Dental School.

AND thank you for my AWESOME SHIRT!!! I love it so much! It is an honor to be your mom away from mom. I don’t think there are any rules on this (okay, I know nothing like this is codified in any way)…so I believe can continue to be your mom! I can’t help you with clinic things, but if you ever need to vent, or cry, or do a happy dance, my door is always open 🙂

Many big hugs and thanks,

Kristine (Mom)

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