Exam 1 point distribution

Hi everyone! I hope this isn’t how you’re feeling this weekend:

In case it helps, here’s the breakdown for the question topics on Exam 1:

Cell injury: 10 questions
Inflammation (just inflammation, not tissue repair): 5
Tissue repair (covered in my lecture and also at the end of Dr. Reinartz’s lecture): 8
Immunology overview: 8
Hypersensitivity reactions: 3
Immunologic lab tests: 4
Immune diseases: 9
Transfusion: 5
Transplantation: 3
Neoplasia 1: 5
Neoplasia 2: 4
Neoplasia 3: 0 (this lecture was super short and it turns out there aren’t any test questions on it)
Neoplasia 4: 7

Let me know if you have any questions as you’re studying!

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