Exam question breakdown and pre-exam cookies

Hi everyone –

I got a question just now about the breakdown for the test questions – sorry I didn’t think about posting this earlier, but maybe it will still be helpful. Here it is:

Anemia: 7 questions
Benign leukocytoses: 3
Acute leukemia: 5
Chronic leukemia: 4
Lymphoma/myeloma: 6
Hemostasis: 8
Bleeding and thrombotic disorders: 7

Also: according to the classroom schedule, no one is scheduled in 2-690 from 9-10 tomorrow (our exam is from 10-12). So I thought I’d show up at around 9:15 with cookies. If you want to come a little early and have cookies and/or ask any last minute questions, feel free to do so. Otherwise, I’m sure there will be some left and you can just grab one after the exam.

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