Final exam scores are up! And one question got thrown out.

For those of you who took the final today, I just graded them by hand (instead of sending them in, which takes a day) – so the scores are now up!

A majority of the class got this question wrong:

Which type of necrosis would you see in an infection in the liver?

The answer was liquefactive necrosis – but many of you put fat necrosis (potentially because you were thinking about pancreatitis, and maybe you thought that the same would hold true for infections of the liver) or coagulative necrosis (maybe because you were thinking about how infarcts cause coagulative necrosis, and maybe you assumed that an infection would do the same thing).

But if an infection is bad enough to cause necrosis, the type of necrosis it will almost always cause is liquefactive necrosis. Liquefactive necrosis also occurs in brain infarctions, for some reason (infarctions everywhere else cause coagulative necrosis).

So I added a point to everyone’s score for this question. Which means that if you got all the questions right on this exam, you wound up with a score of 49 out of 48 points!

Let me know if you have any additional questions. I’m happy to meet with you and go through the test to see which questions you got wrong – just drop me a quick email.

Have a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful, fun summer!

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