Videos/slides for next two weeks are posted

I’ve posted the lecture videos for our first two weeks of lectures, just to get things started, and I wanted to explain a couple things.

First: the posted videos have not been edited yet. I am still waiting for IT people to transfer our videos to the editing site – and until that happens, I can’t do any cutting and splicing. So the lecture content may be split into a few videos, and you’ll need to forward through stuff to get to the right place. This kind of sucks, but as soon as I can edit, you won’t have to do this. I’ve posted the start and stop times next to each video to make things a bit easier.

Second: you’ll notice that some lecture videos go over or under the allotted class time. It evens out overall – really! – so when one lecture goes over time, there will be another one coming up that goes under time.

Rather than breaking lectures into multiple fragments so that there are exactly 50 or 100 minutes of content for each class period (which would look like a mess and make it hard to see what’s going on), I opted to keep the lectures intact. So please don’t worry that I’m cramming in more content hours than we are allotted in this course…I wouldn’t do that to you!

I’m going to go ahead and post more raw videos to our lectures page, just so that you have them there in case you want to view them. I’ll replace these with nice cleaned up versions as soon as I am able to start editing!

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