Systemic Pathology starts tomorrow!

…and I WISH we were in the classroom so I could see all your lovely faces! But we’re not.  So I’ll summarize my usual opening remarks on the course here.

Content. In General Pathology, we talked about the main ways things can go wrong in the body (injury, infection, immune dysfunction, neoplasia) and also the general mechanisms the body uses to fix these problems (tissue repair, inflammation, immune responses). This created a nice little brick foundation for your pathology house!

In Systemic Pathology, we’re going to add floors and rooms to the house. The course is organized into organ systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, etc.), and in each system, we’ll cover the abnormalities and diseases that are most relevant for you for your future practice (and for boards).

Format. This course has the same components as General Path:

  • Lectures: pre-recorded videos that you can watch at any time.
  • Quizzes: live over Zoom.
  • Exam reviews: live over Zoom (recordings posted afterwards).
  • Exams: proctored, using Examplify.
  • Office hours: optional, open Zoom sessions.

Grades. We’ll have four 10-point quizzes, and three exams (roughly 50, 40, and 60 points) for a total of around 190 points. Your raw score for each quiz and exam will be added together (no weighting of exams or anything) to give you a final score for the course. Grades will be determined as follows:

  • A = final scores greater than or equal to 90% of total course points
  • B = scores between 80% and 90% of total course points
  • C = scores between 70% and 80% of total course points

A note about connecting. I wanted to give you guys a lot of flexibility – but also plenty of opportunities to connect in real time (meaning, over Zoom). So most of our course stuff you can do when you want (you can watch the lectures anytime; exam reviews will be recorded so you can watch them anytime; exams will be open for 24 hours).

But there are also lots of opportunities to see each other live (you’ll need to show up for quizzes; you can show up for exam reviews if you want; and there are optional office hours pretty much every week in case you have questions).

Also, I’m still your “mom.” Dental school is fun and interesting…but it is also really hard and overwhelming. You need to take care of yourself.  So I’ll be checking in with you from time to time to see how you’re doing, and to remind you that I am here for you. If you need to vent, or want advice, or just need to know that you’re not alone, email me. I mean it.

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