Exam 2 details

Hi everyone –

Here are some details on the second exam that you might find helpful as you study. It will consist of 33 questions, and the breakdown is as follows:

Anemia: 8
Benign Leukocytoses: 3
Acute Leukemia: 3
Chronic leukemia: 3
Lymphoma: 4
Myeloma: 2
Hemostasis: 5
Bleeding/Thrombotic Disorders: 5

I tried to assign questions proportionally to the amount of time/number of slides on each topic (which is why anemia has way more questions than myeloma, for example).

I am working on a list of learning objectives for you to use as you study – and it is taking me longer than I thought, mostly because I got swamped with other urgent stuff yesterday and Thursday ūüė¶ I kind of overestimated my available time – and I apologize for getting this out to you later than I hoped.

But I WILL those objectives posted here tonight. Test questions will come from those objectives ONLY – so that should help you focus down on the really important stuff as you study for the test on Wednesday.

Some other stuff to note:

  1. The exam will be open all day on Wednesday, November 11 (from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm), and you’ll have 2 hours to complete it once you start.
  2. It will be proctored (last time that function didn’t work well – but I think I have that straightened out now).
  3. You’ll get your score as soon as you finish, and I’ll post the final scores on Canvas as quickly as possible.

Let me know if you have any questions! We’ll be having a review session (using Kahoot) on Monday – but I’m happy to answer questions/ meet over Zoom this weekend if that would be helpful.

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