Just a couple things

It’s been over a week since I’ve been in class with you guys – I miss you! I also have a few things I want to update you on – normally I’d just do this at the beginning of class, but since we won’t have class until Wednesday, I’m doing it here.

First: I’ve posted scores for almost everything we’ve done so far, including the last exam, on Canvas. The only thing that’s not posted yet is the scores for the 10-point substance use disorder assignment. That assignment typically takes me a while to work through, because I usually end up writing quite a few emails answering questions or clarifying stuff. I hope to be done with those in a few days. But at least now you can see where you stand in the course.

Second: I apologize for being late in posting Dr. Koutlas’ first lecture video on Bone Pathology last week. I got a very informative email explaining that many of you count on watching the videos during the time they are scheduled on the calendar – and if a video isn’t posted until hours later, that can really mess up your schedule. I want to make your life easier, not harder – so I apologize for keeping you waiting for something that should have been posted on time.

I’m grateful to the person who explained this to me because if no one tells me, I don’t know things! I assumed (never a good idea) that you guys would just watch asynchronous videos at your leisure, not necessarily at the scheduled time, probably because that’s what I would do, and I’d never heard anything from students one way or the other. From now on, I will make sure any asynchronous videos are posted ahead of the scheduled time.

Please continue to let me know when something isn’t going well or could be better – because then I can do something about it in real time, instead of reading about it in the course evals and implementing it the following year!

I hope you enjoyed the snow today! My first reaction was ugh, really? already? But then it was just so gorgeous, and my dogs were so excited, that I changed my mind šŸ™‚

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