Bone summary + Kahoots + rough exam breakdown

Just a quick reminder that I posted a summary of Dr. Koutlas’ Bone, Joint, and Muscle lectures a few weeks ago – here it is again for your convenience. All test questions will come directly from this summary.

Also: I posted a couple Exam Review Kahoots on our Kahoots page that might be helpful for you as you’re studying – here’s the one we did in class (questions are mostly on endo, female repro and skin), and here’s a different one that has more questions on CNS.

I am still finalizing the exam, but here is a rough approximation of what I anticipate for the breakdown:

  • Bone/Joint/Muscle – 10
  • CNS – 10
  • Male repro – 3
  • Female repro – 6
  • Endo – 13
  • Skin – 5

I’ll post all the final exam details (final counts, password, etc.) here later today. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me any time today/tonight – I’ll be checking my email frequently.

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