Cell Injury lecture study guide and resources

Cell injury is a very dense topic, as you may have noticed. So I made a lecture summary to help you focus on what’s most important. I’ll be using this summary when I write quiz and exam questions – so if you know what is in the summary, you should be well-prepared.

Here are some more resources in case it helps to have things described in different ways:

A quick review of cell injury goes through cell injury in some detail (but still in an understandable way).

What’s going on inside a cell when it gets injured? is an even quicker review of cell injury (under 250 words! Yay!).

Top 15 things to know about cell injury is a little more in depth but still follows Dr. Dolan’s lecture outline.

If you feel more like doing a crossword puzzle, we’ve got you covered for that too! Note: for some reason, the crossword works best on browsers other than Chrome. I’m hoping to get that bug worked out, but for now, just try it on Safari or Firefox.

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