Inflammation lecture summary

Inflammation is a really important topic for you to understand. You’ll be expected to recognize and understand the importance of inflammatory cells in oral pathology lesions. And you’ll also be causing some serious inflammation if you keep poking people with those long sharp silver things.

To help you as you’re studying, I put together a lecture summary (like I did for the Cell Injury lecture) that covers the most important points from the inflammation lecture. Our exam questions will come directly from this summary – so if you understand the concepts in the summary, you should do well on this part of the exam.

If you want a little more in-depth stuff to read, here are a couple posts from my Pathology Student website. Note: these posts are totally optional! They go into a little more detail than you’ll need to know for our exams – however, sometimes it’s helpful to have a different explanation of our content. So use them (or don’t) however you see fit.

  • Neutrophil vs. monocyte. Quick review of what each of these cells looks like and does.
  • How to differentiate acute from chronic inflammation in histologic sections. Hint: it has to do with “busy-ness” and Micky Mouse ears. This is something you’ll need to do in oral pathology – so might as well learn now!
  • Ode to the Granuloma. When my kids were little, whenever they’d hear “granuloma,” they’d bust out a version of “My Sharona,” substituting “gran-u-lo-ma” for “My Sharona.” It was both cute and a bit worrisome. They seem to have survived just fine, though. 

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