Neoplasia I lecture recording

Hi everyone –

I just found out that the audio on the Neoplasia I lecture recording cuts out before the lecture gets going! UGH, no idea how these problems arise.

However, I do have this video recording of the same lecture that you can watch. It’s actually just me talking through each slide on the powerpoint (but then I converted it to an mp4 because I know that is preferable to just a narrated ppt).

I am sorry for the loss of audio on this year’s lecture recording. Fortunately, the video posted above covers exactly the same slides and the same information – so it’s a good substitute for listening to this year’s lecture.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Also, thank you SO MUCH to the student who let me know this! I wouldn’t have known! So please, if you see anything else, or need anything, drop me an email.

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