The Great Pathology Bake-Off!

I’m so excited!!

As you know, we had a bake-off in General Histology this year, and it was SO much fun. I asked Cecilia to float the idea by you all to see if there was any interest in doing one in our course, and the response was very positive – so full speed ahead!

If you’ve seen the Great British Baking Show, you know how cool it is to watch people bake things that resemble other things! So for our bake-off, the mission is to bake something – anything, cookies, brownies, cake, beef Wellington – that resembles something we learned about in this course. It could be a cell from a leukemia or a lymphoma (my personal favorite), or anything that you feel inspired by. You’ll get 5 extra credit points for bringing a baked good to our bake-off!

The event is scheduled for Monday, December 12, during our class time (8-9:55), in room 2-530. We’re scheduled to have an exam review during that time, which I’d still like to do, using Kahoot as usual – but that will only take about half an hour and I’ll pick questions that are particularly useful for the upcoming exam. After that, we’ll all hang out and admire each other’s amazing baked goodies. I’m sure we’ll eat a lot of them – but I’ll bring some bags for sharing.

I’m also providing drinks (milk, almond milk, sparkling whatever I can find), as well as some stuff that I hope will give a little GBBS vibe: gingham, tablecloths, etc.

Please come and hang out, if you are so inclined, whether you’ve baked something or not! I’ll bring plenty of my own baked goods so that there’s enough to feed a crowd 🙂 It’s early in the morning, so I’m not sure how many of you will be coming – but I’m hoping we’ll get a pretty good turnout so that we can get together one last time as a class and have a little joy in spite of the stress you’re facing with finals week(s).

Let me know if you have any questions! I love you all and hope to see you there!

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