Course Title
General and Systemic Pathology (DDS 6253)
University of Minnesota School of Dentistry
Minneapolis, MN

You can download a copy of the current syllabus here.

General Pathology will give you a basic understanding of the foundational aspects of pathology, such as inflammation, tissue repair, and neoplasia. This will prepare you for the Systemic Pathology course given in the fall semester of the D2 year, as well as for your Oral Pathology course.

The Course Director is Kristine Krafts, M.D. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding the course. You can come find me before or after class in our lecture room, or email me (kkrafts@umn.edu), call (626-7996), or stop by my office (16-206 Moos).

The textbook used in this course is Kumar V, et al (eds): Robbins Basic Pathology, 10th ed., Philadelphia, WB Saunders. It’s totally optional; so you should use it however it benefits you. You might find it useful to reinforce the content you receive in lectures. Then again, you might just have enough to read, in which case, you can focus on the lectures (and the lecture ppts), and you’ll be fine.

Our lecture schedule is on the lectures page. Next to each lecture, you’ll see links to that lecture’s powerpoint in both ppt and pdf formats. Seems like most students use their computers to take notes, so to save paper, I’ll just bring a handful of handouts to class (so if you want to be sure you have one, you might want to print your own just in case). All lectures will be automatically recorded in Mediasite.

Our quizzes will be in the format of in-class Kahoots. You’ll be allowed to talk to each other so that you can get more out of the questions.


There are 4 ten-point quizzes and one roughly 75-point exam in this course. The scores of the quizzes and examinations will be added together to give a single numerical score for the course, and grades will be determined as follows:

  • A = scores greater than or equal to 90%
  • B = scores between 80% and 90%
  • C = scores between 70% and 80%

Grades will be posted on Canvas.

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