An endo Kahoot and a request

I’m putting together some review questions for you to go through as you study for the final. Here’s the first batch: it’s a Kahoot that covers our endocrine lectures.

Also, I’m putting together a little candy treat, and I’d like to be sure everyone can eat it if they want. Could you let me know if you observe kosher or halal traditions, or if there are certain ingredients you avoid eating? Thanks!

As you’re heading into finals week…

…I thought it might be a good time to remind you about my favorite hormone, oxytocin, and some of the ways you might get a bump here and there to offset the stress of studying and taking exams.

Small actions can mean so much.

We’ve talked about how oxytocin promotes trust, connection, and monogamy – all the good relationship stuff. But it may also have another, unexpected effect: improved problem-solving ability (read: better exam scores). Continue reading