Totally unrelated stuff

Sometimes, you just can’t study anymore.

Bullshit generator. I can think of so many ways to use this thing.
Wu name generator. Mine is Intellectual Genius. No, really: 
How to fold a t-shirt on The Big Bang Theory. I actually have one of these and it makes the most perfect piles of t-shirts.
Manolo Blahniks. Total perfection.

UGHHHH and these:

My chest hurts.
Cake Wrecks. Why do so many involve babies?
Manbabies. Disturbing.
Cats in sinks. Just what it says.
Beards. Also just what it says
Sandals and socks. Allow 30-60 minutes after eating before viewing this.
Exploding Dog. Weird little drawings.
Candy heart generator. This could come in handy.
Kitty wigs. This is for real.
Snap bubbles. Annoy your neighbor.
Too much. Mess up their room, help him clean it up…then get revenge.

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