General Pathology Lecture Summary Videos

I made these videos to give you a way to quickly review my lecture material. There are two versions for each lecture – short (about 15 mins) and ridiculously short (about 5 mins) – so you can pick the one that fits with the time you have available.

Please note: Right now, the Tissue Repair summary videos are the only current ones; the rest of the videos are from last year’s lectures. I plan to make summary videos for all of my lectures again this year – but I thought in the meantime, I’d post last year’s videos in case you want to preview content. The content stays pretty much the same from year to year – but the way I present it changes – so the slides might be formatted differently, or the topics might be organized differently. It’s not a huge deal but just wanted you to be aware that these summary videos will be slowly updated as I get the chance to remake them.

As I replace each of these videos with this year’s version, I’m posting the new videos as YouTube videos. That way you can change the playback speed (there’s no way to do that on the regular embedded WordPress videos). Let me know if you run into any issues with the YouTube versions of these videos – hopefully they’ll work fine!

Also: I haven’t made videos for the guest lectures – but I’ll be providing you with written summaries for those.

Tissue Repair

Hypersensitivity Reactions

Immune Diseases


Neoplasia I: Nomenclature

Neoplasia II: Tumor Characteristics

Neoplasia III: Epidemiology

Neoplasia IV: Genetic Factors

No videos yet! I’ll make them and add them here soon.