Cardiovascular Path Study Guides

Here are Stephanie Perko’s study guides on cardiovascular path. There are three of them, one for each of our three cardiovascular lectures. If you want to download them, here are the links:

If you just want to look at them online, here they are: Continue reading

Exam 1 results are up!

The scores for exam 1 are finally back and I just posted them on Canvas. The mean was 65.2/71; high was 71/71 and low was 35/71. I’m looking for a date/time that we could reserve a room for reviewing the exam (in case you want to come check out which questions you got wrong) – I’ll post that information here. Nice job!!

Another correction

Ugh – sorry guys – another quick correction to a question in the inflammation, cell injury, and tissue repair Kahoot. Here’s the question:

What is hyperplasia?

An increase in the size of cells
A precancerous change in cells
A decrease in the size of cells
An increase in the number of cells

The correct answer is an increase in the number of cells.



Just a quick correction: One of the Kahoot questions had the wrong answer – I corrected it but wanted to make sure you all saw it. Here’s the question:

Which pigment accumulates with age?


The correct answer is lipofuscin.


Exam 1 point distribution

Hi everyone! I hope this isn’t how you’re feeling this weekend:

In case it helps, here’s the breakdown for the question topics on Exam 1:

Cell injury: 10 questions
Inflammation (just inflammation, not tissue repair): 5
Tissue repair (covered in my lecture and also at the end of Dr. Reinartz’s lecture): 8
Immunology overview: 8
Hypersensitivity reactions: 3
Immunologic lab tests: 4
Immune diseases: 9
Transfusion: 5
Transplantation: 3
Neoplasia 1: 5
Neoplasia 2: 4
Neoplasia 3: 0 (this lecture was super short and it turns out there aren’t any test questions on it)
Neoplasia 4: 7

Let me know if you have any questions as you’re studying!


Someone asked me if I could post our Kahoots online so you guys could use them to study – which is a great idea. I only found one non-quiz Kahoot, though – it was on Inflammation and Cell Injury and there were just 5 questions. So I beefed it up a bit and added in some questions similar to the ones in quiz 1. Here it is:

Inflammation, Cell Injury, and Tissue Repair Kahoot

If I can squeeze it in, I’ll make Kahoots for the other lectures covered on this exam and post them here. Also, on Wednesday, we’ll have an in-class exam 1 review Kahoot with prizes for the top 3 scores!