Quiz 1 scores posted

I posted the scores for quiz 1 on Moodle. We may be switching to Canvas for our gradebook – but there seem to be a few bugs, and until those get worked out, I’m going to keep everything on Moodle.

Kahoot seemed to work pretty well as a quiz platform – most everyone was able to access it, and there didn’t seem to be many issues (other than you can’t go back and change your answer once you’ve entered it). Since everyone always has their phone (or a computer/tablet), and since it’s a simple and reliable application, I’d like to continue to use Kahoot for our quizzes rather than Turning point – seems like you guys agree with that.

I gave everyone a 10 for this initial quiz since almost everyone got every question right – and most of the incorrect answers were accidental (and due to errors on my end). Now that we have the process down, we should be all set for Quiz 2.

Stuff to help you study cell injury

Studying cell injury can be a bear! You can easily go down rabbit holes and get lost in details. To help you avoid wasting time, I thought I’d share a few short summaries of cell injury with you. Feel free to use these or not – they are totally optional.

  1. Here’s a little summary of Dr. Dolan’s lecture that I put together.
  2. Here is a quick review of cell injury from Pathology Student.
  3. And here’s an even quicker (<250 words) review of cell injury, also from Pathology Student.

Class schedule switch – no class Monday!

Hi everyone – just wanted to let you know that we’re swapping Monday and Tuesday around next week. We had been scheduled to have a lecture on Monday, September 10 (Cell Injury by Michelle Dolan) and no class on Tuesday, September 11. Instead, we’ll be having the Cell Injury lecture on Tuesday, September 11 and there will be no class on Monday, September 10. The schedule on our lectures page has been updated to reflect this change. If this swap causes problems for you, please let me know.

Welcome back!

Welcome back!! I hope you all had a really nice, fun, restful summer. It went really fast, didn’t it?

I’m REALLY excited to get going on our General and Systemic Pathology course this fall. It’s going to be fun! And I CAN’T WAIT to see you guys again 🙂

This website works pretty much the same way the histology one did: there’s an an about page with all the official course info, a lecture page with the schedule and ppts, a summary videos page with short and ridiculously-short lecture summaries. There’s also a quiz yourself page with quizzes you can work through on your own to test your knowledge, and a weird stuff page with, well, weird stuff.

I’ll be posting stuff here pretty frequently – course updates, further information on topics we discuss in class, good questions from class, and just generally anything semi-relevant that pops into my head. So you might want to follow this page (right sidebar, at the bottom) so you don’t have to keep checking back all the time.

If you have questions, or just want to talk, feel free to email me or stop by my office (16-206a Moos). See you soon!