Excuse me, may I smell your MHCs?


Here’s a little more info on the sweat/MHC study we talked about yesterday. It seems that women prefer mates with MHCs very different from their own. That seems like a good idea – it helps provide diversity within the genome. It would be hard to get a sample from every guy and bring it to the HLA-typing lab, but no need: the brain can detect MHC differences by smell (they’re associated with pheromones)! Weird. And cool.

More on MHCs

Q. I have a question on MHC receptors being polymorphic, you used the ice cream example about all of us have “different flavors”… but does that mean your MHC receptors are all the same, but just different from all of mine, which are the same as each other ? Or are all MHC receptors polymorphic? Continue reading “More on MHCs”