Class tomorrow (9/17) will be live via Zoom

Hi everyone –

I had to take one of my dogs to the ER this morning – he choked on some food, and was having trouble breathing. We are home now, but he is still having symptoms, and needs to be monitored carefully over the next few days in case he gets worse and needs to go back to the ER.

Since I can’t bring him to school for our lecture tomorrow, I’m going to do the next best thing and hold class live via Zoom (meeting link here and also on our lectures page) at our normally scheduled time (9-11 am).

I’m sorry for the inconvenience – I’d rather be in the classroom but I just don’t feel comfortable leaving him alone. I’ll record the Zoom meeting and post it on our lectures page so that you can watch it anytime.

Please let me know if you have any questions – and thanks in advance for your patience.

Just a couple things

It’s been over a week since I’ve been in class with you guys – I miss you! I also have a few things I want to update you on – normally I’d just do this at the beginning of class, but since we won’t have class until Wednesday, I’m doing it here.

First: I’ve posted scores for almost everything we’ve done so far, including the last exam, on Canvas. The only thing that’s not posted yet is the scores for the 10-point substance use disorder assignment. That assignment typically takes me a while to work through, because I usually end up writing quite a few emails answering questions or clarifying stuff. I hope to be done with those in a few days. But at least now you can see where you stand in the course.

Second: I apologize for being late in posting Dr. Koutlas’ first lecture video on Bone Pathology last week. I got a very informative email explaining that many of you count on watching the videos during the time they are scheduled on the calendar – and if a video isn’t posted until hours later, that can really mess up your schedule. I want to make your life easier, not harder – so I apologize for keeping you waiting for something that should have been posted on time.

I’m grateful to the person who explained this to me because if no one tells me, I don’t know things! I assumed (never a good idea) that you guys would just watch asynchronous videos at your leisure, not necessarily at the scheduled time, probably because that’s what I would do, and I’d never heard anything from students one way or the other. From now on, I will make sure any asynchronous videos are posted ahead of the scheduled time.

Please continue to let me know when something isn’t going well or could be better – because then I can do something about it in real time, instead of reading about it in the course evals and implementing it the following year!

I hope you enjoyed the snow today! My first reaction was ugh, really? already? But then it was just so gorgeous, and my dogs were so excited, that I changed my mind 🙂

Exam 2 information

Hi everyone – here are the details you need to know about exam 2.

Date/time. The exam will be open from 12:01 am until 11:59 pm on Monday, November 8, and you’ll have 2 hours to complete it once you start. Just be sure to get it uploaded by 11:59 pm tomorrow night.

Password. The assessment password is Prettyleaves1

Points/questions. There are 32 questions on the exam, each worth one point.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Hematology and coagulation study guides


In case you’re interested, I have a few books on blood disorders and coag that students have found helpful in the past:

These are all for sale but I don’t want you guys to have to buy them. If you would like a copy, drop me an email and I’ll send you a link so you can download them for free. They are NOT required – so just use them to help you study (if you feel you need help).

Schedule corrections and coloring book answers

I readjusted our schedule a bit to account for the hour of class we missed on Wednesday 10/20. I’ve double and triple checked, and I believe all the dates and times now match the Google Calendar – but please let me know if you see a mistake!

I also added a page that contains answers to all the questions posed in the coloring book – it’s called Heme Coloring Book and it’s located at the bottom of the Systemic Pathology dropdown menu. This coloring book is totally optional – so no need to do it if it’s not your thing 🙂 I’ve still got some copies left and I’ll bring them to class tomorrow in case you didn’t get one last week.

Exam 1 details

Hi everyone – here are the details you need to know about our first exam.

Date/time. The exam will be open from 12:01 am until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, October 13, and you’ll have 2 hours to complete it once you start. Just be sure to get it uploaded by 11:59 pm tomorrow night.

Password. The assessment password is YouGotThis100.

Points/questions. The exam is worth a total of 32 points.

Exam breakdown. The exam point breakdown is as follows:

  • Cardiac path (14 points)
  • Respiratory path (8 points)
  • GI/Liver/Pancreas path (10 points)

Please let me know if you have any questions! You got this.

Couple updates

I posted today’s review session on our lectures page, and I posted the Kahoot on our Kahoots page, in case you’re interested in going through that as you study for the exam. I haven’t put the exam together yet, but when I do, I’ll post the breakdown for each section of material.

Also – I know you have a busy week this week, two exams today plus ours on Wednesday – so for the Substance Use Disorder questions (see this post), I’m giving you until Sunday, October 17th to turn them in.

Substance Use Disorder questions

As I mentioned in class, there will be no exam questions on this lecture (the material just doesn’t lend itself to multiple-choice questions). So I put together a few short-answer questions; you can access them on this Google form. if you work through these questions thoughtfully, you’ll get 10 points. No need to write a lot (a few sentences or a paragraph should do it) – I just want to make sure you understand some of the main lecture concepts.