Study guides from Stephanie Perko

Stephanie Perko made these amazing pathology study guides last year, and she’s sharing them with you guys. YAY! Here are the ones that are relevant to what we’re studying now:

Hypersensitivity Reactions
Immunologic Lab Tests
Immune Diseases
Transfusion Medicine

She also has some for neoplasia, cardiac path, GI, lymphoma and myeloma, and respiratory 🙂 I’ll post them a few days before the relevant lectures so they don’t get buried under a bunch of posts.

Selena Gomez and others talk about lupus

Selena Gomez has been battling lupus for several years. She’s been open about her diagnosis (check out this ABC article in which Selena and other patients talk about what it is really like to have lupus).

Last year, she underwent a kidney transplant for complications related to her disease. Her disease course is more severe than it is for many patients with the disease; kidney transplants are typically used only after other, less dangerous treatments fail.

Some stuff about autoimmune diseases


Today we talked about four autoimmune diseases: lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren syndrome and scleroderma. I thought I’d share a couple quick posts I wrote about CREST syndrome and lupus in case you might find them helpful.

You might also want to check out a New York Times series called “Patient Voices” in which several patients with a particular disease talk about how that disease has affected their lives. Here is a Patient Voice article on scleroderma. It’s a bunch of short stories (a couple minutes each), narrated by the patients themselves, accompanied by a series of photos of the patient. I highly recommend you listen to some of these. I identified with “The Mom with Frozen Fingers;” you may wish to start with “Losing his color” which is narrated by a 26 year old man. I think you’ll probably find yourself listening to more than one.

There are Patient Voices segments on lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and Sjogren syndrome too.

Quiz 1 scores posted

I posted the scores for quiz 1 on Moodle. We may be switching to Canvas for our gradebook – but there seem to be a few bugs, and until those get worked out, I’m going to keep everything on Moodle.

Kahoot seemed to work pretty well as a quiz platform – most everyone was able to access it, and there didn’t seem to be many issues (other than you can’t go back and change your answer once you’ve entered it). Since everyone always has their phone (or a computer/tablet), and since it’s a simple and reliable application, I’d like to continue to use Kahoot for our quizzes rather than Turning point – seems like you guys agree with that.

I gave everyone a 10 for this initial quiz since almost everyone got every question right – and most of the incorrect answers were accidental (and due to errors on my end). Now that we have the process down, we should be all set for Quiz 2.

Stuff to help you study cell injury

Studying cell injury can be a bear! You can easily go down rabbit holes and get lost in details. To help you avoid wasting time, I thought I’d share a few short summaries of cell injury with you. Feel free to use these or not – they are totally optional.

  1. Here’s a little summary of Dr. Dolan’s lecture that I put together.
  2. Here is a quick review of cell injury from Pathology Student.
  3. And here’s an even quicker (<250 words) review of cell injury, also from Pathology Student.

Class schedule switch – no class Monday!

Hi everyone – just wanted to let you know that we’re swapping Monday and Tuesday around next week. We had been scheduled to have a lecture on Monday, September 10 (Cell Injury by Michelle Dolan) and no class on Tuesday, September 11. Instead, we’ll be having the Cell Injury lecture on Tuesday, September 11 and there will be no class on Monday, September 10. The schedule on our lectures page has been updated to reflect this change. If this swap causes problems for you, please let me know.