Welcome to General Pathology!

Hey everyone – it was so nice to see you guys on Monday, and I’m really excited to have another class with you!

The website is now updated – yay! It’s organized pretty much the same way the histology one was: there’s an an about page with all the official course info, a lecture page with the schedule and ppts, a summary videos page with short and ridiculously-short lecture summaries. There are pages that will have crosswords and Kahoots on them, as soon as I get them written. Finally, there’s a page of totally unrelated stuff in case you get bored in class (never!).

I’ll be posting stuff here pretty frequently – course updates, further information on topics we discuss in class, good questions from class, and just generally anything semi-relevant that pops into my head. So you might want to follow this page (right sidebar, at the bottom) so you don’t have to keep checking back all the time.

If you have questions, or just want to talk, feel free to email me or stop by my office (16-206a Moos). Or catch me before/after class.