Change in plans for tomorrow’s class

We have a change in plans for tomorrow’s class – instead of having quiz 6 in class, like we usually do, we’ll be having lecture. I didn’t get through Female Reproductive path today like I had hoped – and since there’s not a lot of wiggle room left in our course (we only have two more weeks of class!), I’d like to use tomorrow’s time to go through that material.

So I’m making quiz 6 an online, take-home quiz. Feel free talk to each other and use your notes as usual! We’re using Polldaddy instead of Kahoot because I think it’s a little more reliable for this type of thing. Be sure to enter your name and email so I know who you are 🙂

Click here to take quiz 6

Exam 3 scores posted

The scores for today’s exam (for those of you who took the exam in our classroom) have been posted on Canvas.  You did really well (again)! The mean was 36 (out of 40). A couple notes about the scores:

  1. Canvas doesn’t have a way to list extra credit points (weird) – so I just included those in your final score for today’s exam. This means that if you got all of the questions right, including the two extra credit points, your score will be listed as a 42. When grading time comes, those two extra credit points will be truly extra (the total number of possible points in the course will remain the same). Not that it matters too much, but just so you know.
  2. There was one question that most people got wrong – so I gave everyone an extra point. As there are a handful of people who have not yet taken the exam, I don’t want to list which question it was here – but I will do so once everyone’s done.

Finally – speaking of extra credit points, if you’d like to enter your comment on the Newsweek article on Meghan and Harry’s baby (see the post below from November 14), the Google form for that is still open. I’m going to close it Wednesday night so I can get those points entered – so just wanted to let you know about that.

Exam question breakdown and pre-exam cookies

Hi everyone –

I got a question just now about the breakdown for the test questions – sorry I didn’t think about posting this earlier, but maybe it will still be helpful. Here it is:

Anemia: 7 questions
Benign leukocytoses: 3
Acute leukemia: 5
Chronic leukemia: 4
Lymphoma/myeloma: 6
Hemostasis: 8
Bleeding and thrombotic disorders: 7

Also: according to the classroom schedule, no one is scheduled in 2-690 from 9-10 tomorrow (our exam is from 10-12). So I thought I’d show up at around 9:15 with cookies. If you want to come a little early and have cookies and/or ask any last minute questions, feel free to do so. Otherwise, I’m sure there will be some left and you can just grab one after the exam.

Exam 2 grades are up!

The grades for exam 2 are now posted on Canvas.

There were two questions that were problematic: the one about the most common cause of oliguria (acute tubular necrosis), and the one about the diseases H. pylori causes (gastritis, ulcers, gastric carcinoma, and gastric lymphoma – but NOT esophageal carcinoma). I accepted all answers as correct for those two questions. I think that’s a better solution than throwing out the questions, because this way, the people who got those questions correct don’t get punished.

Overall, you guys did really well! The mean (BEFORE the above changes) was 44 (out of a total of 48).

Test question breakdown and plan for tomorrow

Hi everyone –

Here’s the breakdown for the test questions for exam 2:

Cardiovascular path: 15 questions
Respiratory path: 8 questions
Renal path: 10 questions
GI path: 15 questions

Tomorrow we’ll be having an in-class Exam 2 Review Kahoot. There will be prizes 🙂 but it’s totally optional. I think it will take about an hour. I’ll be around afterwards if anyone wants to talk.

Also, a few things that might help as you’re studying:

  • There’s an Exam 2 Review ppt posted on our lectures page (and here)
  • There are Kahoots on each of the systems (cardiovascularrespiratory, renal, and GI). I’ll also post the Exam 2 Review Kahoot when we’re done.